Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

Believe it or not the initial spark for the idea of the Stickman Model came from Facebook.  I watched this video and became interested in the topic.

Then I googled DCA and found this website:

My next action was to look up the reverence sites listed DCA  I was particularly interested in Otto Warburg and the speech he gave in 1966 at the annual meeting of Nobelists at Lindau, Germany.  He was truly an incredible man.
My head swelled with ideas but my main thought was science cannot make a major leap forward unless business does first.  If I was a CEO of a pharmaceutical company there is no way I could go to the company’s shareholders and say ‘hey everyone, I want to invest 100 million dollars of your money into a drug and if it passes health authorities approval it will cut off most of our company’s future revenues… but please do not pull your retirement money out of this stock because it is for a good cause’
Then I realized we need a not-for-profit pharmaceutical company.  This lead to me thinking cancer charities are somewhat not-for-profit pharmaceutical companies but then realized these charities have two lines of business and a more focused strategy would hopefully find a cure quicker.
Thankfully my family was incredibly supportive and thought my idea was pretty neat. 
Thank you to my family, the people who brought the DCA story to the news and internet, and to the people who continue to share this idea on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Please feel free to reference this site as much as you want.  Feel free to agree or disagree with my opinions and model.  If you do reference this site can you please provide a link back to it? 
Thank you

Hear that kids? Facebook isn’t a waste of time :)

Disclaimer:  If you have cancer please don’t go out and start taking DCA because it is not fully tested.  The only people who are allowed to take this drug right now are being closely monitored by doctors.  I hope the researchers have enough funds to fully test this drug quickly and properly because it seems promising.  Please see this warning by the American Cancer Society. It states studies are not completed yet and thus the drug is not recommended at this time.

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