Holes in the Stickman Model

It isn’t fair to poke holes at the current system and assume the new model is perfect. So please feel free to point out the errors of the new model below. You won’t hurt my feelings; in the end we will create a better model by examining its weaknesses and putting in controls now.

Weaknesses in the model

1.       How do you stop a person who wants to block a cure from becoming an employee and what controls do you put in place to detect corruption
a.       What actions would they take to block a cure?
                                                               i.      Tamper with in-house testing
                                                             ii.      Spread harmful rumors and slander about other employees
b.      Don’t know, leave your comments below and I will add them in here

2.       What if a health authority declares the dealings between the co-operative and itself cannot be deemed public information and it places un-fair testing procedures on the drug being tested?
a.       Maybe make the case the owners are employees too… they just work for free and don’t show up to work? (remember humans create the rules of the ‘box,’ they are not scientific laws)

3.       How do you ensure an individual only holds one-life time membership?
a.       SIN numbers?
b.      Not sure, you tell me. I am not an IT person

4.       What is it the donors vote on and have an equal say about?
a.       Suggestions?
b.      Since you only are testing one drug at a time the number of items you would vote on is limited, but maybe when testing of one drug is completed and it is time to move on to a new drug the members could vote on which promising drug the co-operative should focus on next from a multiple choice list?

5.       Thinking outside the ‘box’ could lead to trouble.  When you are pushing the limits of what is possible sometimes you will come up against what seems like firm roadblocks.  This isn’t exactly a hole in the model but more of a question of what should the co-operative do if it hits the dotted line?
a.       Have the co-operative’s members vote on the action it wants to take

6.       Testing labs are expensive to build and would have to be financed before any testing
a.       Before you can raise 100 million to test the first drug you have to raise a pile of money to build a lab, people may see this fund raising phase as nothing is being done
b.      How do you fund raise hundreds’ of millions of dollars quickly?  I don’t know

7.       You tell me. Think of other holes in this system and we can work on a control to fix the problem together
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