The Meaning of the Stickman Logo

The rules for organizational business types and structures are like boxes.  The rules define how you can operate and what you are allowed to do.  Kids are wonderful because they can’t see the limits of the box until it is taught to them.  Sometimes we forget we are the ones who make up these limits; they are not scientific laws and can be changed.
The Stickman Model is all about getting out of the ‘box’ we put ourselves in (the current cancer research business structure) and creating a new ‘box’ to help achieve our goal of curing cancer faster.
You will notice the outer box of the logo has a dotted line.  The meaning behind this is although technically we will still have to operate with in a ‘box,’ the laws of nature are not defining the rules.  Humans define the rules of business and these rules can be changed.
The drawings of the stickman have meaning too:
  • Stickman are simple – just like the model
  • They are out of the black box but within the dotted line box – just like the new model
  • They are the same size – because the model makes everyone equal
  • They are holding hands – because the only way to cure cancer is by joining together

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